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Thursday, 17 October 2013

HH 620 : CULINARY ARTISTRY ( Pull Sugar Artwork )

Yeayy, hello dear cuppies, we're meet again for this entry. well, like the previous entry, we would like to talk about, Culinary artistry again !! and for this entry we would like to focus more in pull sugar artwork. as you know, pull sugar artwork is one of the art in the culinary department. we worked with high temperature sugar, and making a various shape. and for the amateur like us, hahaha we just make it simple as we only assigned to make a flower with the sugar

for the steps, first, we must mix these types of ingredients, such as
  • sugar
  • water
  • glycerin

this process occur just to make sure they mix well and no air bubbles exist when we heat them. after all the sugar was dissolve, we put a drop, ONLY a drop of tartaric acid. What is tartaric acid ? tartaric acid is a mixture of cream of tartar and water. the purpose of the tartaric acid is to make the sugar look shiny and if we put more, it will easily crack.

after the sugar reached 140 degree celcius, we put the color to the sugar mixture, but CAUTION ! please put the color at the edge of the pan cause if we put at center , the big bubbles will occur and eventually we afraid that the high temperature. and, after it reached 

So, this is our final pulling sugar :)

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