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Thursday, 17 October 2013

HH 620 - Culinary Artistry (Ice Carving)

well, hello readers ! we're back, again ! hahahaa. yes, for the last topic which was Ice Carving ! yes, its interesting as like what you read, you see. it's the most priceless experienced that people will cry to have it. hahaha. well, we invited the other lectrurer, Chef Kamal from Kolej Komuniti Bukit Beruang, Melaka. 

well, nothing much to say, enjoy !

HH 620 : CULINARY ARTISTRY ( Pull Sugar Artwork )

Yeayy, hello dear cuppies, we're meet again for this entry. well, like the previous entry, we would like to talk about, Culinary artistry again !! and for this entry we would like to focus more in pull sugar artwork. as you know, pull sugar artwork is one of the art in the culinary department. we worked with high temperature sugar, and making a various shape. and for the amateur like us, hahaha we just make it simple as we only assigned to make a flower with the sugar

for the steps, first, we must mix these types of ingredients, such as
  • sugar
  • water
  • glycerin

this process occur just to make sure they mix well and no air bubbles exist when we heat them. after all the sugar was dissolve, we put a drop, ONLY a drop of tartaric acid. What is tartaric acid ? tartaric acid is a mixture of cream of tartar and water. the purpose of the tartaric acid is to make the sugar look shiny and if we put more, it will easily crack.

after the sugar reached 140 degree celcius, we put the color to the sugar mixture, but CAUTION ! please put the color at the edge of the pan cause if we put at center , the big bubbles will occur and eventually we afraid that the high temperature. and, after it reached 

So, this is our final pulling sugar :)

HH 620 - Culinary Artistry (Butter Sculpture)

Hello, we meet again in my another post . for this week we are assigned to make BUTTER SCULPTURE. yeahhh, sounds interesting right ? Firstly, our lecturer asked us to make a design on what shape that we want to create. yeahh .. so we decided to make a Anthique Telephone Arch... So, here is the design before and after we wrapped it with butter..

 This is our final BUTTER SCULPTURE :)

Monday, 23 September 2013

HH 620 : Culinary Artistry ( Styrofoam Carving )

We're meeting again people ! Hello bloggers, assalamualaikum. So for this week entry, we would like to introduce you to our next sub topic which is Styrofoam Carving.  Just a simple yet testing our creativity and skills towards the project. 

For this topic, each group were given their own task basically the theme that been given by our lecturers. And so for my group we were given the "fairytale" theme. After a looooonggg short discussion, we were decided to make a Smurf. you know, the blue cute dwarf or genie that been in the movie "The Smurfs" ? hehe, yes that is our final shape that we would like to present as the end of the product

This styrofoam carving need a few steps in making it. First we have to draw the shape that we want to onto the styrofoam. After that, we must attached one styrofoam to another styrofoam in order to make the shape looks 3D. And yes, the cutting start. Basically, we only use the cutter to cut the styrofoam, but in order to make it smooth and the curvy line, we use the styrofoam cutter. It's a hot iron line that been heated by the power of battery. hahaha. 

after a week, the shape are fully done, and the next step is, coloring. just a simple way, color the styrofoam using the suitable water color just to make it glow and pretty and of course to look like the real one. and below shows our styrofoam carving, Smurf. happy reading !

Monday, 9 September 2013

HH 620 : Culinary Artistry ( Cake Decoration )

hello dear cuppies ! so for this topic, we're making cake decoration. Basically we use the styrofoam instead of the real cakes just to make sure there is no error in making the decoration because yeah, amateur. Haha, for this topic, this class, yeah we have to struggle a bit from the beginning to the end of the product. starting from making the cake, finding the right shape for our styrofoam to coat with the fondant and finally the end product.

yes, we start like usual classes on tuesday, but for this topic, we are conducted to come to class on sunday. but actually it is a replacement classes for one of the public holidays. for the beginning, each group have to find the suitable styrofoam for fondant coating. after the shape have been approved by our lecturer, then we move to the next steps !

Moreover, we have to make one chocolate sponge cake each group in purpose to coat with chocolate glaze and chocolate flower in order to learn the various types of chocolate decorating beside than the fondant.

Below pictures shows our product for this topic. Enjoy and happy drooling :p

HH 620 : Culinary Artistry ( Chocolate Making )

For this topic, we got the opportunity to finally learn how to coop with the chocolate. From the first step of melting the chocolate to the chocolate edible flower. There are few steps in making the chocolate, such as

  • Tempering the chocolate
  • Tempering  method
  • the tempering purpose
  • praline
  • chocolate ganache
  • chocolate flower
  • chocolate arch

- Tempering the chocolate
  • process of melting and cooling chocolate to specific temperatures in order to prepare it for dipping coating and molding. 
- Tempering method
  • melt --> cooling --> rewarming
-Tempering purpose
  • better stability during storing ( to avoid fat bloom )
  • good appearance ant texture ( to look glossy )
  • good melting behavior ( smooth texture in mouth )
  • set quickly 
- Praline
  •  Praline can refer to confections made from nuts and sugar syrup whether in whole pieces or a ground powder, or to any chocolate cookie containing the ground powder or nuts.
  • below are the example of our product during the Culinary Artistry

- Chocolate Arch

- Chocolate Flower

HH 620 : Culinary Artistry ( Vegetables and Fruits Carving )

Hello, I'm back to blog now ! It's been a while since my last posts. I've got tons of entry to be done after this, so keep on updating peeps !

Back to the main title, this semester there's one subject which consist of all culinary artistry skills. Starting from carving, there's chocolate making, cake decorations, sugar work, butter sculpture, styrofoam carving and ice carving. 

And for this first topic, me and my groupmates would introduce you about the first topic which is, Fruits and Vegetables carving. As you know, carving is a skills that made foods getting pretty. It's not that hard as long as you've got passion and enthusiasm to done it ! Well, we would pleasure to introduce you to the utensils that as a basic in fruits and vegetables carving.

The basic knives that we used in fruits and vegetables carving

And before we go any further, we would like to introduce ourself. We're from program DHK 5A, Polytechnic Ibrahim Sultan, Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru. 

Well, there are videos that we've attached here. We've made it by the way. We hope that you guys would be enjoy and keep on waiting for the next entry ! 

Vegetables Carving

  • Wan Nurazrin Bt Wan Mustafa

  • Ezzah Atira Bt Mohd Sobri

  • Athirah Fadzwani Bt Mohd Kamaruzaman

  • Lailatul Shahira Bt Mohd Razali

  • Syamil bin Abdul Rahim 

*sorry , but there's problem with our connection. all the videos will be update later ! much loves *

Thursday, 17 January 2013

I Miss You :(

Heyy, there's be reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long time I didn't write any post. well, i'm having my practical at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside now, so I'm waiting for the perfect moment to write a post. And today just a perfect time for me to express everything. 

I've met someone. We've known each other more than a year now and finally we've been together since last 20th September 2012. I'm not sure how can we being together as a couple since we act like a friend. Nothing happened before, rarely contacted each other, but i dont know and i cant remembered how we been closed and complete each other. 

And i dont want to keep on remembering the past, I just want to tell you, how much i love him. I cant describe the way i feel because he's so special. He's Hazrin Abd Muzill Abd Nasir. goshh, typing your name was like a bomb pounding out from my chest, i just want to tell you that i really miss you :( 

"Sayang, sy tak tau nak cakap mcmmana dah, kadang-2 sy sendiri tak tau mcmmana nak elakkan benda ni. Sy takut hilang awk, dh dekat 5 bulan dah kita ni. Dulu awk merajuk dgn saya, tk text seminggu sy tak rasa mcmmni sekali, tp sekarang, sy tak tau nk ckp mcmmana. Kita tak on call, sy text awk tak reply. Sayang tau tak apa sy rasa ? sy rasa mcm awk tkperlu saya dh. Time-2 mcmni, sy terfikir, mana janji awk, mana yg awk kata awk nk tunggu sy, lagi 6 tahun ? Sy tak pernah nk salahkan awk, sy tak terfikir pape pun, tp sy nak tau mana silap saya, sampai awk tetiba hilang mcmtu je. Sy just nak tau mana salah sy, bukan kita tak boleh cakap kan, selama ni kita try setltle down semua problem kita, boleh je. Kenapa tetiba je awk mcmni. Sayang, sy tunggu  sampai awk rasa awk perlukan sy. Saya rindu awk :("

Love, Tiraa Kamaruzaman