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Thursday, 17 January 2013

I Miss You :(

Heyy, there's be reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long time I didn't write any post. well, i'm having my practical at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside now, so I'm waiting for the perfect moment to write a post. And today just a perfect time for me to express everything. 

I've met someone. We've known each other more than a year now and finally we've been together since last 20th September 2012. I'm not sure how can we being together as a couple since we act like a friend. Nothing happened before, rarely contacted each other, but i dont know and i cant remembered how we been closed and complete each other. 

And i dont want to keep on remembering the past, I just want to tell you, how much i love him. I cant describe the way i feel because he's so special. He's Hazrin Abd Muzill Abd Nasir. goshh, typing your name was like a bomb pounding out from my chest, i just want to tell you that i really miss you :( 

"Sayang, sy tak tau nak cakap mcmmana dah, kadang-2 sy sendiri tak tau mcmmana nak elakkan benda ni. Sy takut hilang awk, dh dekat 5 bulan dah kita ni. Dulu awk merajuk dgn saya, tk text seminggu sy tak rasa mcmmni sekali, tp sekarang, sy tak tau nk ckp mcmmana. Kita tak on call, sy text awk tak reply. Sayang tau tak apa sy rasa ? sy rasa mcm awk tkperlu saya dh. Time-2 mcmni, sy terfikir, mana janji awk, mana yg awk kata awk nk tunggu sy, lagi 6 tahun ? Sy tak pernah nk salahkan awk, sy tak terfikir pape pun, tp sy nak tau mana silap saya, sampai awk tetiba hilang mcmtu je. Sy just nak tau mana salah sy, bukan kita tak boleh cakap kan, selama ni kita try setltle down semua problem kita, boleh je. Kenapa tetiba je awk mcmni. Sayang, sy tunggu  sampai awk rasa awk perlukan sy. Saya rindu awk :("

Love, Tiraa Kamaruzaman 

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