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Monday, 9 September 2013

HH 620 : Culinary Artistry ( Cake Decoration )

hello dear cuppies ! so for this topic, we're making cake decoration. Basically we use the styrofoam instead of the real cakes just to make sure there is no error in making the decoration because yeah, amateur. Haha, for this topic, this class, yeah we have to struggle a bit from the beginning to the end of the product. starting from making the cake, finding the right shape for our styrofoam to coat with the fondant and finally the end product.

yes, we start like usual classes on tuesday, but for this topic, we are conducted to come to class on sunday. but actually it is a replacement classes for one of the public holidays. for the beginning, each group have to find the suitable styrofoam for fondant coating. after the shape have been approved by our lecturer, then we move to the next steps !

Moreover, we have to make one chocolate sponge cake each group in purpose to coat with chocolate glaze and chocolate flower in order to learn the various types of chocolate decorating beside than the fondant.

Below pictures shows our product for this topic. Enjoy and happy drooling :p

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