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Monday, 23 September 2013

HH 620 : Culinary Artistry ( Styrofoam Carving )

We're meeting again people ! Hello bloggers, assalamualaikum. So for this week entry, we would like to introduce you to our next sub topic which is Styrofoam Carving.  Just a simple yet testing our creativity and skills towards the project. 

For this topic, each group were given their own task basically the theme that been given by our lecturers. And so for my group we were given the "fairytale" theme. After a looooonggg short discussion, we were decided to make a Smurf. you know, the blue cute dwarf or genie that been in the movie "The Smurfs" ? hehe, yes that is our final shape that we would like to present as the end of the product

This styrofoam carving need a few steps in making it. First we have to draw the shape that we want to onto the styrofoam. After that, we must attached one styrofoam to another styrofoam in order to make the shape looks 3D. And yes, the cutting start. Basically, we only use the cutter to cut the styrofoam, but in order to make it smooth and the curvy line, we use the styrofoam cutter. It's a hot iron line that been heated by the power of battery. hahaha. 

after a week, the shape are fully done, and the next step is, coloring. just a simple way, color the styrofoam using the suitable water color just to make it glow and pretty and of course to look like the real one. and below shows our styrofoam carving, Smurf. happy reading !

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